Friday, January 10, 2014

Pocket Pages Week One

Someone pinch me! I just can't believe I'm taking on project life! As I've mentioned, I've wanted to participate in this for years, but I've always worried if I would stick with it. goes week one! 

I took a bunch of photos on the first Sunday of the year and grouped them together for a Sunday routine page. Sundays are busy at our house as we prepare for the upcoming week. There's laundry, cooking lunch for the week and cleaning. It's a family affair as we all pitch in to do our part.

The second half of Sunday is all about relaxing. Dan and I spend time in the sunny living room with our feet up, glass of wine in hand, talking and connecting. Recently I started a crossword project so I worked on it for a while too. Other times we read and browse our iPads.

Before dinner on Sundays we all sit down for a family game of gin rummy. Dan and I have played for years and we taught Christopher last year. He loves it and looks forward to our crazy card games!

For my second page, I tossed in some random shots from the week. We had our coldest day on record since we moved here nine years ago.

We're getting back to healthier eating after all the holiday indulgence. Mid-year 2013 we learned about the Paleo diet and are eating more meat which means breakfast often includes chicken.

I managed to snap a picture of Christopher playing with his Legos. My iPad camera will help me photograph Christopher undetected! ;) And then there's Oreo...critter watching out the living room window. Life is good!

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~amy~ said...

really fun Kathy! I started a DD but sadly didn't get far.

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