Friday, January 24, 2014

Around Here

Around printer is threatening to derail my Project Life progress only a few weeks into the new year! The printer head clogged and a new one is on order. Until then I thought I'd share some photos I might use for week three. 

Around here...Oreo is a constant source of entertainment... well as Dan! He thought it'd be funny to peek inside the camera lens while I was trying to take a picture! He's always cracking me up!

Around here...I'm continuing on with my home crochet classes with the help of Pinterest, YouTube, my iPad and the many wonderful folks who create these tutorials.

I learned to make this crochet flower complete with puffy popcorn stitches.

My goal is to be able to make projects like this brooch that I purchased on Etsy. Isn't the detailing lovley?

Around here...while the weather outside is frightful, I'm enjoying this pretty orchid...

...and this lovely air plant that the hubs bought me for Christmas.

Around here...mornings equal coffee, checking e-mails and perusing Pinterest.

Around with three long hair cats makes it incredibly dusty so I spent a number of hours last weekend dusting (vacuuming) the shelves and pretties.

Around here...Christopher is currently off-track and spending a few days playing train simulator before attending camp next week. Dan and I are proud that he made the A/B honor roll again this period. Way to go dude!

So...what's going on around your house?

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Ruth G said...

Thanks for sharing, Kathy! I hope that you get the printer issues fixed so your PL can get back on track!
Around here, I'm busy trying to make some fun alphas for a beginning scrapbooking class I'm teaching tomorrow! It really would have been better to get more done earlier, but I'm considering this the icing on the cake. Have a great Saturday!

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