Thursday, January 16, 2014

First CardMaker Post

Got snow? There was a fifty percent chance that the Raleigh area would wake to its first snowfall of the season this morning and I was looking forward to taking pictures. No such luck. Ah well...maybe next time.

There maybe no snowfall, but there are hearts o' plenty blanketing my very first CardMaker project posted today.  

I hope you have a chance to click here and go have a look. 

By-the-way, do any of you crochet or knit? Would you like to learn how? Last year I taught myself to crochet with the help of the many video tutorials at Yarnspirations and the pins from my Crochet and Knit Pinterest board along with some YouTube tutorials. 

My first project was a scarf for Dan's birthday and this blanket for Christopher.

Then I came across this basket weave tutorial and had to make myself a scarf in this design. Isn't it lovely? Funny thing...I finished the project months and months ago but wasn't able to complete it until I came across this pin that easily explains how to crochet a seam. Teaching myself has been slow going at times, but it's been a lot of fun! 


Bella's mama said...

Love the basket weave scarf. I don't knit or crochet, but may have to learn!

Wanda G (stampcat) said...

OMG Kathy! You are amazing! That blanket and scarf are GORGEOUS!!! Fabulous - thank you so much for sharing.

Monique Liedtke said...

Oh wow!!! Can't believe you taught yourself how to crochet!! LOVE that blanket and shawl!!!! But when did you have time to do these? I love to crochet and knit but never ever find the time to do it :(.

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