Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hi blog hoppers! Hope you had a fantastic New Year's Eve and have enjoyed the first couple days of 2011! I disappeared for a few days while I finished my decorating project, put away the Christmas decorations and enjoyed some family time!

Today it's back to creating a normal routine for ourselves and I must say it feels a little strange! I could get used to lazy holidays! :) After Christopher reluctantly went back to school this morning, Dan and I went to drop off one of our cars for its routine service and found that our second car wouldn't start. We jumped it and off we went. I think our car didn't enjoy the coldest December on record or sitting idle for so long! After going to the shop, we went to the post office. Ugh! It's going to take a few days to get back to 'normal!'

So let's not talk about dreaded errands and normal routines...instead how about we take a look at the last installment of my redecorating project? If you missed the last couple of posts, I've been re-arranging the built in book cases on both sides of the fireplace in a cream, white, glass and metal theme and I have pictures to show you!

I really had to work at finding things around the house to finish this side of the shelves! If you click on the photo you can enlarge it. I have some pine cones up there, a vintage ball jar with our son's stick collection, a glass apple jar with some rocks and a couple containers filled with shells! Oh, I even added our glass jar of change! It all works though!

This Southern Living basket was in the master bathroom. It's now holding a set of pressed aluminum coasters, a pair of bird salt and pepper shakers and a cream lidded vase.

The shelf photographed above has a Belleek vase we've had for years along with some iron finales I purchased several years ago on eBay.

What do you think of this little cutie? Nope, that's not Christopher, it's his dad when he was a wee lad!

Here's a lovely little vintage pair of salt and pepper shakers. They were a Raleigh flea market find. I added more rolled sheet music on this side of the shelves. I love the glass and silver plated bowl the sheet music is in. It was from one of my favorite home stores in Hollister, California called Timber & Textiles. I wonder if they are still around? The black and white photo is my husband and his brother's and sisters. There's another sister to the right that's not shown in this picture. Dan is the little one being held. His youngest brother wasn't born yet when this was taken.

Isn't this little figurine adorable? It's a Lori Mitchell piece that I just started collecting a few months back. His name is Tiddly Winks and he reminds me of our Christopher! I love his striped P.J.s and the little stuffed elephant he's carrying!

Speaking of elephants...this pair is a favorite! Mama and her baby.

Last photo...a vintage ball jar of old mother-of-pearl buttons. There's those pine cones I mentioned.

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome of our shelves! I learned that it is possible to create a whole new look with things you already have. I wouldn't have thought I could find enough stuff around the house to fill two large book cases and the mantel! If you would like to see the mantel and the other set of book shelves, just scroll down through the last two posts.

I hope to be back tomorrow with a Valentine project and a free download of a vintage Valentine image. I'm really looking forward to getting crafty again! It's been too many days! It's been over a week, I think! Wow! I  sure hope I haven't lost my mojo! Well, you will see tomorrow! ;) Kathy


~Patty~ said...

Your little do-dads make me smile. Love how it turned out. Happy New Year !!!

Virginia L. said...

You have so many interesting pieces and cool (VINTAGE!!)photos...I just love visiting here! Happy New Year, Sweet Kathy!

Cheryl Nelson said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Suzanne C said...

Beautiful design and love how it all turned out.

Tara Bilbao said...

Kathy, This looks beautiful and so much like the front cover of Country Living Magazine. I have given you a Stylish Blogger award. Come over to my blog to pick it up!

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