Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Found on Etsy

Hey! How are you? I hope you've had a fabulous day!

I spent the day with a friend, hence the late post. We went to lunch and stopped by a couple of thrift shops to see what we could uncover. We's amazing what you can find at a second hand store! I'll share those things with you later this week.

How about some Etsy shares? Not only am I a shopkeeper, but a big fan and customer! There are soooooooo many talented artists and fun vintage shops to peruse! I could share dozens of favorites but I'll spare you a long post and list my last three purchases and pick three shops I love.

I bought this beautiful coffee pot at Urban Farm Girl. This is one gorgeous shop packed full of vintage goodies like this lovely pot!

These two cat nip mice were left in the stocking of my adored felines at Christmas. They are made by ReFabulous a shop that makes lovely sachets, totes and cat nip mice from repurposed fabric!

For something a little different, check out OddznEndz. I found this adorable puppy night light there!

Now for a few items I have on my favorite list...

Isn't this 3 tiered stand to die for! The next time I find $160 just laying around, I think I'll pick one up! Is it not stunning? If you would like to procure one of these for your next event, head over to High Tea for Alice.

With one of these snow guys, winter doesn't seem quite so gloomy does it? These adorable, one-of-a-kind figurines are hand carved, painted and antiqued by the shopkeeper of  Triesti Prusso Design. I hope to own one of these figurines soon! There's a little Easter bunny I have my eye on! ;)

One of my first Estsy purchases from back in 2007 when I started my own shop was one of these berry colander from Baily Bowls. I love mine, it's currently sitting out on our kitchen counter top. Not only a useful piece, but beautiful too!

Wow, that was fun! Did I mention that I LOVE Etsy? ;) I could go on and on! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my shares. If you have a favorite Etsy shop, please do tell with a comment. And before I leave I'd like to announce the winner of yesterday's card post. Funny that it's a Papertrey Ink design team member since my giveaway card is made with Papertrey goodies! Congratulations goes to Niki Estes of My Paper Creations! Until next time...Enjoy! :) Kathy


Yenni Natalia said...

i love love love the 3 tier one! :)

Virginia L. said...

oh.. me ,too! I love the three-tier stand. I can envision what kind of cookies/squares will look good on it. YUM!!Thanks for sharing your finds at Etsy!! LOVE the shops, that's why I'm still on Etsy Inspired DT :)

cnelson said...

Such fun Etsy finds!!

Heather Rogers said...

Lots of goodies here. I am sad that that pretty tea cup and plates are put together. I would love them separated. You know me and pink. :)

papertrails leaver said...

Oh man! I so would love one of those tiered tea cup and plates! The snowmen re super cute too! I will be popping over to check out those stores. Thanks for sharing! Amy

Audrey Pettit said...

Etsy is just amazing, isn't it? What a world full of fabulous creations it is. Love all the different things you highlighted here. Your new purchases are lovely.

Alisa Noble said...

Love Urban Farmgirl!

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