Monday, June 4, 2012

A Bit About Me & Giveaway Winner

Isn't this a stunning bouquet? Since I cannot have a photo-less post, I went through my 'flowers' board on Pinterest for this picture. It was a real tough choice to make, but I love the uniqueness of this arrangement and the vintage box.

For today's post I thought I'd tell you a little bit about me using one of the questionnaires I've seen on many of the blogs I follow. I always enjoy learning something about the bloggers I visit so I thought you might too.

Eating:   All things healthy and homemade. Speaking of Pinterest, if you've seen my boards I have a zillion recipe pins that I use each week to plan our menu.

Drinking:   Coffee from a Chemex pot. I recently heard about this amazing coffee system on another blog I follow. Maybe you've heard of Elise Blaha? She's an amazing young lady that I learn a lot from!

Watching:   The cursor on my screen blink on and off as I think of something to say. We don't watch TV at our house so I don't have a favorite show to jot down.

Listening:   To the birds outside. It's just after 6:00 a.m. and the windows to my office are wide open. The birds are singing a chorus!

Loving:   The weather! It was in the 70s all weekend with no humidity...unusual for June in North Carolina. It was the perfect time to get outside and work in the garden.

Enjoying:   Christopher's cat log! Last night he decided to follow one of our cats around and log his routine! :) Just goes to show you that kids don't need nearly as many toys as we think and that given time away from computers, television and battery operated gadgets, they have quite vivid imaginations!

Wanting:   Our vacation to arrive! Just a couple more weeks! Christopher is looking forward to camp and while he's away Dan and I get to spend time together.

Needing:   Some one-on-one time with my man! Dinning out, a trip to the museum, antiquing. We have some fun things planned.

Feeling:   Excited that summer is here. I love the longer days, watermelon, and carefree times! ;)

Preparing:   For Christopher to start middle school. This is a big one because Christopher doesn't handle change very well and everything is changing. So we are doing a lot of preparing.

Thinking:   That we'll get through middle school. Yes it will be rocky at times, but we'll make it just like we did elementary school. There were some very rocky times but we're so proud of Christopher and how it's has all turned out!

Searching:   For some good movies to rent while we're on stay-cation. Any recommendations? Dan will watch 'chick' flicks and I'll watch shoot 'em up action movies so long as there's a good story behind them.

Making:   Lots of cards and scrapbook pages! CHA samples are starting to arrive and I've got lots of things to make! I can't wait to show them to you!

Anticipating: Our sixth annual family beach trip! As soon as summer arrives, I start daydreaming of spending this special time with my boys! At the end of every summer, we re-group, take a few days off and head for the ocean. Christopher looks forward to these trips and talks about them all year long!

Before I close this post, I'd like to announce the winner of the blog hop prize!

Drum roll please..........
The winner of this colorful, wonderful Bella Blvd. embellishments pack goes to...

Congratulations Marge! I've sent an e-mail requesting your address. I hope you enjoy your Bella Blvd. goodies!

Kathy :)


alexandra s.m. said...

Good Morning Kathy!

It's so nice to see that you like to share your "currents" as well ;-)

Thank You for sharing, it's lovely to know what is going on in YOUR neck of the woods!

Marg Van Patten said...

Oh! Thanks so much for the Bella! Nice "getting to know you post"! I too am wanting our vacation to arrive (2 more weeks!) Thanks again, I really enjoyed the hop!

Virginia L. said...

So wonderful to know what's happening in the neck of your woods!! Thanks so much for sharing, Kathy! Ps: I am drinking coffee here, too! CHEERS!

cnelson said...

FUN post Kathy! LOVE getting to learn some fun facts about you! I LOVE the idea of Christopher's Cat Log!!

Gregsgirl's crafty corner said...

Great to know more about you Kathy! : ) Happy Summer! Lindsey

Ruth G said...

I love seeing your work and now I know a little bit more about you and that's even better.
As for movies I'd recommend, I LOVED The King's Speech and it only has a tiny bit to do with my love of all things Colin Firth. It's a fabulous movie about victories won through hard work. The Muppet Movie was wonderful, too, but you may have gotten to see that with your family. Enjoy your time and thanks again for All you share!

Wanda G (stampcat) said...

Hi Kathy! It was quite lovely to read about you today! Thanks for sharing with us! I would love to read the Cat Log! Too adorable! Have a blessed week friend!

Alice said...

thanks for sharing. it was wonderful to learn a little more about you. humm... have you seen Bridesmaid? hope you have a beautiful and fun summer! =)

Lynn said...

Kathy, I loved, loved, loved reading this. So nice to learn more about you. I'll have to give this a go!

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