Monday, September 19, 2011



Did I scare you? Okay, so my little ghost isn't the scariest of Halloween spooks! :)

Yesterday I posted a summertime card and today it's Halloween. I guess that's what happens when we're a couple days away from the official start of fall.

I couldn't wait until I got my Design Team box from Bella Blvd. to start having fun with their collections! And I didn't have to because the last time I was at Archivers, I picked up some of the 'Too Cute to Spook' goodies. Look at these fabulously colorful and fun Halloween prints!

This conversation bubble is part of the sticker sheet in the collection. I thought it would look cool to add a button.

This little ghost is a Silhouette die cut. I couldn't leave him alone either...I added the bow! Maybe that's why he has that shocked look on his face!

This lovely spider was at the bottom corner of this orange patterned paper and I made sure he made it onto my card!

Oh, if you stopped in yesterday I mentioned that I have been trying some new recipes on my boys! Thank goodness a lot of the recipes I find on Pinterest are good ones or the boys might not be so cooperative!

This is a very simple dish called Pasta with Shredded Chicken and Rosemary. It's just that! Well, and a bit of Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. It got a thumbs up!

This recipe is perfect for any left over chicken or rotisserie bird you pick up on the way home. I cooked some chicken in six minutes on the George Foreman that's another option! As for the rosemary, we have a large bush in our yard...what could be more simple?

A final note about this calls for 2 tablespoons of fresh rosemary. Since I think fresh rosemary is quite fragrant, I used one tablespoon and it had plenty of rosemary flavor. Anyway, this is a perfect dish to experiment with so enjoy!

Kathy :)


Moccavanila by Vera Rhuhay said...

hehehe So cute,Kathy!

cnelson said...

Such a CUTE card LOVE it! I plan on cooking up a storm with Pinterest recipes...that one looks DELICIOUS!

Alice said...

love your cute ghost with a bow, Kathy! super duper cute card! love it!

Alice Carman said...

Super duper cute Kathy!

Jen said...

oh,this is great! i love the colors--and the way you stacked them!! and yes, i love the ghostie!!

Denise Marzec said...

Your ghost card is SOOOOOOOO stinkin' cute! I'm lovin' the bow tie around his neck....hehee! Totally made me smile.

That pasta dish looks YUMMMMMMMY!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Eeeek! Spooky! :) What an adorable card, Kathy! Just love that Bella Blvd. paper. I can tell you are going to rock this team, my friend. Such a sweet ghostie, too. Love his little bow tie.
That pasta looks good. Looks like something my clan might enjoy, too. TFS!

BabyBokChoy said...

boolicioius :) cute stuff.

Diane Jaquay said...

This is super CUTE, Kathy! Love the different papers and the stitching, and the cute ghost!

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