Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sweet Summertime


Wow, it's amazing how one weather cruddy weekend can make summer seem so long ago! It's been cold, cloudy and rainy the past couple days and I'm anxiously awaiting the sun to make its return today! It's kind of weird going from the 90s everyday to this gloomy soupy stuff!

Anyway, I have a summery card share. So if your weather is kind of crumby too, you can gaze at my card and think of warmer days!

I created this card with the '100 Days of Summer' papers from Collage Press that I used recently for another warm weather card. I love these fruits! Nothing says summer like a slice of juicy red watermelon!

I added a trio of colorful buttons from my of my go-to embellishments. And a little die cut butterfly.

I have to throw in some stitching! :)

I made this little tab with one of the patterned papers...the one with all the adorable cut-out cards.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed your weekend so far. My hubs and I were childless Friday night and all day yesterday and enjoyed every minute of it! We went out to dinner last night to a new place we've been wanting to try. Oh it was soooooooo very good! They set a new standard for sea scallops!

I'll be back soon with more crafty shares...and I have a couple new recipes the family tried last week that I want to tell you about!

Kathy :)


Niki Estes said...

Such a cute card, Kathy!

Kara said...

really cute!! kinda dreary here too!! i miss summer already!

Audrey Pettit said...

Really adorable card, Kathy! I do love how you work this paper line! And so glad you had some fun this weekend, with the lousy weather and everything. :)

cnelson said...

Love, love, LOVE this darling card Kathy!!

BabyBokChoy said...

I love this collection and it's fun to see what everyone does with it, the stitching really makes this look sophisticated! love it!

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