Friday, September 30, 2011

Food Friday

It's Friday!


Will you be participating in any fall activities this weekend? October is just a day away and there are pumpkin patches to visit, apple picking to do and sprucing up the house with autumn decor!

Another thing I like to do when the weather starts to get chilly is to bake and cook! I've got a ton of recipes on my Pinterest bulletin board that I can't wait to try. Lots of sinful desserts made with pumpkin puree! And now that the temperatures have fallen, I don't have to worry about heating up the house!

Anyway, this past week I've tried three new recipes that you may enjoy.

This recipe is from Green Lite Bites and tastes a lot like chili. It's very good for you, filled with nutritious quinoa and lean ground turkey in place of hamburger. I made this for my lunch this week and haven't gotten tired of it yet! The recipe calls for a packet of taco seasonings, but if you want, you can easily make some of your own. All Recipes has a list of ingredients which is much less salty than the packaged taco mix from the grocery store.

This yummy recipe comes from The Italian Dish. I love the flavor that the mushrooms and red wine create. If you are trying to eat less meat, mushrooms are a great substitute. So what did my boys think of it? My husband's not a fan of fungi, but was able to pick them out. Our son, even though he likes mushrooms, he wasn't completely sold. Bolognese has a stronger flavor than the tomato sauces we usually serve. I think he will grow to like it. Many new tastes require some getting used to.

This Homemade by Holman recipe was an easy home run! What's not to like about cheese, chicken and pasta? It's similar to macaroni and cheese with an adult flavor from the dry white wine and herbs! Another thing I love about this dish, there's enough for another night since there's only three of us! Got to love a night off from the kitchen!

I hope you see a recipe here you would like to try. If not, try Food Gawker! It's similar to Pinterest, but it's all one big bulletin board of food! Warning...don't visit if your on a diet or hungry!

Have a great fall weekend!

Kathy :)


Sherry Cartwright said...

Yum! The hubs and I are "fishetarian" and only consume a good meat burger once every few months. We also have to watch what we cook because of the hub's high blood pressure. All that to say, we eat lots of veggies, quinoa [YUM] and mushrooms. :)

Audrey Pettit said...

Ooo, these are looking so yummy, Kathy. TFS!

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