Friday, December 27, 2013

Hello 2014

2014 is on it's way and to help my hubs keep track of the new year, I made this CD case desk calendar.

I had this CD case left over from another project and the small calendar pages are from Papertrey Ink.

I couldn't think of a better paper collection to use for a calender than Doodlebug's Day to Day line?

Day to Day includes so many different icons from typewriters and eye glasses to neck ties and coffee!

I opted for mustaches and arrows...the arrows being a great symbol for time marching on! What do you think? It was pretty quick and easy too! You gotta like that!

Happy New Year!


alexandra s.m. said...

What a smart and beautiful project Kathy!
Thank You~

Ruth G said...

Really super fun! I love the mustaches and the arrows certainly do work great with time moving on! Thanks so much for sharing this!

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