Monday, December 23, 2013

Paper Chains

Here we are just a couple days away from Christmas which means the kiddos are out of school and it's a great time to make something crafty with them. How about a good old fashioned paper chain? Remember those? I thought it would be fun to create one using Top Dog Dies' Wesley Boarder Die.

What do you think? This die makes a beautiful paper chain, doesn't it?

I love all the detailing!

Here's a picture of it on our little tinsel tree. 

There's so many ways to deck the halls with paper chains...draped along a buffet table or mirror. I thought several of these hung vertically on a door would be pretty. How would you decorate with paper chains? Ohhh...what about weaving some lights through one?

Well, I've got a few presents to wrap! And cookies to devour! Last Friday's baking went smoothly. I only ruined one batch of cookies and made the biggest mess! At the end of the day I don't think there was a single surface in our kitchen that wasn't sticky! But we got it all cleaned up in time for company on Saturday and there were lots of  happy, cookie eating folks at our place!


Teresa Zuehls said...

What a great idea. They are so pretty and since we are in our Travel Trailer during the Christmas Season it would be a great way to to make it look a little more like Christmas. Thanks for the idea.

Sandra1968 said...

These are very cute! And a great idea :-)

Happy Holidays!

Hugs, Sandra

stampingbowd said...

Fabulous idea!!!! Love the different colors of your chain!

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