Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thank You

Now that I've managed to chase our kitty, Oreo, out of the Christmas tree, I can share with you a thank you card I made recently using Pebbles' beautiful Front Porch collection. 

Wouldn't this be great to send to your Thanksgiving hostess? Actually it could be used any time of year...that's what I love about Front's versatility. I've been using it a lot for Christmas themed projects too that you will be seeing soon.

The card's is pretty simple, just a couple patterned papers, a couple die cuts, a pretty flower sticker and jute. A quick question for you prefer clean and simple designs or my more layered with lots of goodies? Or both?

Since I began my post telling you about Oreo climbing the tree, I thought I'd share this photo. It was taken last Friday when we put the tree up. It's currently Oreo's favorite holiday activity! He lays on the branches as if perched comfortably on the sofa! Notice the Hallmark ornament? Kitty trying to reach the mistletoe? It's from the Mischievous Kitty series! ;)

I wouldn't know a thing about mischievous kitties now, would I? ;)


Mendi Yoshikawa said...

Such a cute card and an even cuter photo! I have several of these ornaments from Hallmark as well. So fun that you captured a photo of him with one being mischievous. :)

Ruth G said...

I love all the wonderful layers on your card! The branch, watering can and twine are just the perfect finishing touches!!!
Oreo is super sweet! I can only imagine all the other fun stuff you have going on in your house!
Thanks so much for sharing! Hope your day's great!

alexandra s.m. said...

superb card Kathy!
Love the modern take here ;)
and thank you for sharing that adorable picture of Oreo! Too funny!!

Lee-Anne said...

I love all your cards and your kitty is adorable!

Alice Carman said...

I love the Cat in the tree. I found my dog under it the other day...LOL

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