Monday, April 14, 2014

Lucky Starz

Here in North Carolina everything is coated in a fine yellow dust! While the dogwoods and azaleas are blooming our state trees, the long leaf pines, are releasing pollen turning everything yellow...houses, cars, sidewalks, you name it. Coming from California, it's interesting to see. 

Today I'm starting the week with a crafty share...a card made with Bella Blvd's Lucky Starz collection.

I remember as a girl, I believed that when you kissed a boy you really like you would see fireworks or stars. I think it was an episode of the Brady Bunch that made me think that! Anyway, this card will have someone's love seeing colorful stars! ;)

1 comment:

Ruth G said...

Love it! You always know just how to use those great shapes! The border with the stars cut out is my favorite, but in general this is a wonderful collection (I have to work hard to keep from going right out and buying it...)

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