Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Blues?

Anyone have the Monday blues? My hand is raised. After a lovely weekend alone with my hubs, I'm feeling a bit sad that it's over and the fact that it's cold, gray and raining isn't helping. How about you? Any particular reason you feel blue this morning? Or maybe you are feeling quite chipper and would like to share and cheer me up?

When I'm feeling blue, I often create something colorful and fun like this 'Soak up the Sun' card made with Pebbles' Party with Amy Locurto collection. Can you tell by the photos that it's a bit dark at my house? I had a hard time finding some decent light.

Anyway, my plan is to take the morning one step at a time, check off some things on the to-do list and hopefully by lunch, the accomplishment I feel from getting something done will help. That and a bowl of homemade vegetable and sausage soup that I made yesterday. :)


alexandra s.m. said...

a Beautiful and sunny card Kathy!

Ruth G said...

Such a cheerful card! I hope it helps to lift your spirits today! Better days are coming! I hope you had a great day despite not feeling totally blissful!

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