Friday, April 12, 2013

Project Life with Doodlebug


How many of you are doing Project Life? I've been wanting to jump on the PL band wagon for years, but I'm afraid that I'll stop mid-year. Any of you feel that way too?

As you know I'm on the Doodlebug Design Team and at winter CHA they debuted their Simply Put 4x6 album inserts that make Project Life a breeze! For the first time I put together Project Life spread and I believe I could actually commit to and finish!

I kept my weekly spread really simple, knowing that it needed to be quick and easy if I were to keep up with it. I love the bright and cheerful colors that only Doodlebug could bring to Project Life! To see more Doodlebug Project Life examples, click here.

Did you notice the cat photo on my spread? That's Oreo's mama. If you follow my blog you may recall that last November we found a tiny kitten under out deck and adopted him. After talking to several neighbors we discovered that Oreo mother is feral and living in the area. We couldn't adopt her because she's wild, but we wanted to help he the best we could so we've been feeding her. We also trapped her and had her spayed so she wouldn't have to worry about caring for more kittens.

My husband took this zoomed in photo of her from inside the house. Christopher named her Leanna. Isn't she beautiful?

Speaking of Oreo...the little rascal doing quite well!

We have a running joke around our house that we have about 10 Oreos because he's everywhere you go! We leave him in one room just to find him in the next room when we arrive. He's everywhere all at once! He packs a lot of personality into 7.5 pounds!

I hope you enjoyed my project today! Have a fabulous Friday! :)


Laurel said...

Great pages! I love doing PL. Love the pictures of the cats. We have started feeding a stray too. At first I had never seen an animal eat so much so fast, poor thing.

Created by Kathi said...

Have all the stuff but have yet to start my PL... love your layout though and doodlebug just makes it so fun.... as does your designing!!! Thanks for inspiring! Kathi

Ruth G said...

The Doodlebug sure does make PL look really fun and bright! Enjoy the process!
Oreo's mom sure is pretty. I'm glad to hear that she has you looking after her as much as she'll allow! I can't imagine that catching her was an easy thing to accomplish, but so important! Thanks so much for all you share!

Diana Waite said...

FUN spread Kathy--I think you did a FANTASTIC job!

alexandra s.m. said...

Oh Cathy! What a happy post! I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that you're doing the PL! It looks great BTW! Great shots of Oreo's Mama too ;-)

Thank You~

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