Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Decor


Valentine's day is just around the corner so I thought I'd show you a few no-cost, earth friendly ways to add a little love around your home this Valentine's Day.

Scrabble is one of the most popular board games around so chances are you have one and can use some of those familiar wooden letters to spell out a message for your family.

A majority of you who follow my blog are paper crafters and have a ton of cards laying around the scrap room that you can use to decorate with. Here I have one of the cards I've made recently propped up against a stack of books.

How about something from the kitchen? This is a set of nesting heart shaped cookie cutters I've had for years. These are displayed on a stack of books. I was blog hopping the other day and saw that someone also decorated with a set of  heart cookie cutters placed flat on a tray, each filled with some Valentine candies. Very cute!

We all have books! This is a simple and subtle way to add a little love anywhere in the house!

What paper crafter doesn't own at least one set of wood mounted alphas? These can be used for many other holidays and special occasions too!

I saved the best for last! This is a paper heart pillow that my incredibly talented friend Audrey Pettit is making for me! Isn't this stunning?!?! Can you believe she made this gorgeous pillow with a paper shopping bag? Yes indeed! And vintage sheet music, and lace, and stitching! It'll be the crown of my Valentine decor!

So what will you be doing for Valentine's Day? Do you celebrate the day? My husband and I always steal some time away together, but it doesn't have to be on Valentine's Day. We don't like packed restaurants...takes the fun out of it, you know? In years past we've gone away for the weekend. It all depends on what we feel like doing. How about you? Whatever you do for Valentine's Day, I hope you enjoy every second! :) Kathy


Cheryl Nelson said...

Seriously...can you be any more clever?!! LOOOOOOVE these ideas and plan on lifting all of them!! TFS!

Lin said...

I'm a heart lover, so I have some of these same things around the house at all times! I've been collecting heart-shaped anythings for years :) I ADORE that heart-shaped pillow made of paper - can't wait to get home to try it myself!

We don't go out for dinner either, but we always have something with chocolate (home-made) for dessert - chocolate-covered strawberries, or a heart-shaped chocolate cake! And I usually get pink tulips or gerberas or roses.

Loved your post today, Kathy!

Diane Jaquay said...

You are a VERY CLEVER woman!!! Fabulous ideas for decorating on a budget! I don't usually decorate for VD, my family usually just exchanges cards :)

Lori Mar said...

How adorable, Kathy! Love the scrabble tiles and stamps spelling "love" -- I must get those out right now!

Angie Tieman said...

What beautiful eye candy! Love it!

Suzanne C said...

Wonderful ideas! Love the sweet vintage card. Beautiful decorative touches.

Audrey Pettit said...

I love all your little Valentine touches, Kathy! They are all sweet and festive, without being over-the-top cutesy, which I adore.
I better get crackin' on your heart pillow. :)

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

The valentine decor is lovely and offers everyday essentials which is always a good thing! Favorite is the book pages turned in to create a heart! I saw the heart pillow she was working on and my jaw dropped from it's beauty! Love it! Lucky girl you are to be recipient. :-).

Christina Fischer said...

Kathy, these are such great ideas! I would love to see your decorated home! :)

Thanks so much for sharing!

tape said...

Awesome ideas! <3

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