Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Etsy Finds


How are you? I'm enjoying the day so far! I received a couple fabulous Etsy packages in the mail and thought I'd share! I can't say enough about the incredible talent and wonderful shopkeepers on Etsy! Where else can you find one of a kind handmade items like those on Etsy? And the shipping! Nobody ships for less!

Just take a look at this cutie!

This little hen puts a great big smile on my face! Can you tell what she is? These used to be popular years ago. It's an egg cozy! The owner of All Things White made this vintage inspired chicken egg cozy and when I saw it...well, she had to come live at my house! Doesn't she look adorable in my real nest? What a great spring and Easter decor item!

Have you noticed in past posts and photos that I have a thing for vintage hammered aluminum? I do! Hammered aluminum pieces were made in the early 1900s to be functional and an affordable alternative to silver. It's often called poor mans' silver for this reason. I enjoy collecting it because there are so many beautiful pieces to find and they are still affordable, unlike many other antiques.

This is my first piece that combines china and hammered aluminum and it's made by Farber & Shlevin, Inc. Almost every single item in my collection came from Ye Ole Emporium. Ali, the shopkeeper finds the most amazing pieces of hammered aluminum, her prices are fabulous and the service is exceptional! I love that she always tucks in a piece of handmade soap into my order! Often it's lovely smelling lavender!

I also got this glass thumbprint and hammered aluminum basket. Gorgeous, isn't it? I love the embossed flowers, the scalloped edges and sawtooth rim. These pieces are truly works of art!

Another item that Ali specializes in, and I've purchased quite a number of, is vintage lace doilies. I love this one! It just baffles my mind that someone actually made this intricate, beautiful thing by hand!

Look at the detailing! I hope to have a few of my doilies framed someday. I think they would look gorgeous in a cluster on the dinning room wall.

Did you know that a lot of Etsy shops struggle to stay in business? They do. It's not easy to learn how to promote one's shop and keep it stocked. I hope when you have some gift buying to do or are looking for a few special decor items for your home that you will give Etsy a try!

Hope your day is a fantastic one! :) Kathy


Cheryl Nelson said...

Such GORGEOUS finds!!!

Kathi said...

what a lovely surprise to find my little chicken here on your wonderful blog! thank you

Audrey Pettit said...

I love your Etsy finds to pieces, but I have to say that I absolutely adore that little egg cozy hen! That is toooooo stinkin' cute! Just genius. makes me think of the ones we found at Suzanna's......but I have to admit I like this one even better.
You are very nice to showcase these Etsy shops like this. Would be so nice if it could help out these fabulous shopkeepers.

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