Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Thrill of the Hunt


We got a little dusting of snow on the ground this morning. Just enough to look pretty!  I read on someones blog this morning that they were knee deep in snow! I think we're all ready for spring! Are you? It's my favorite season! And this spring I want to hit up some garage sales! Can you believe I've never done that? Oh sure, I've gone to the garage sale across the street that my neighbor was holding, but I've never made a list of garage sales to go to. Have you? Have you scored some fabulous things? Do tell! :)

This week I visited my local second hand stores and a couple antique stores. I found a few fun things that I'll share with you.

This little paper mache duck makes me smile! He's only 3 1/4" tall including the handle! I'm not sure what to make his history. Paper mache pieces like him were popular years ago, and can cost quite a penny, but his paint looks too new to be very old. Anyway, he'll look splendid among my Easter decor! He was just .50 cents!

In a recent post I talked about creating a unique bulletin board for the kitchen using old graters, here's that post. I found this little grater to go with the other. I think I'll need one more to complete my project! There's something about mini pitchers that I can't resist! This one looks like a tiny ironstone version. The glass tray caught my attention too because I love to use trays as a base for a display. I really like the design with the handles.

This is a fun find! A silver plated serving tray with lid, just $12! The minute I saw it, I envision serving a dish of scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast in bed! I sure wouldn't mind that for Mother's Day or my birthday! ;) Aren't the flourished edges beautiful?

I've been on the lookout for brown transferware and found this beautiful plate from J & G Meakin for $8.50! I also got a couple salad plates in the same pattern for just $3.50 each. Have you seen some of the gorgeous displays people are creatingwith transferware? My dearest friend Audrey Pettit just pulled out her red transferware to create this lovely Valentine themed display.

Isn't this gorgeous? Click on her name above if you would like to see the detailed photos.

This was my big purchase, a Sunbeam Mix Master butter churn! Isn't it cool? I can close my eyes and picture a lady in a floral apron, cranking away, making butter the old fashioned way! This was marked $69, but the dealer let it go for $50. I think I got a bargain. I briefly looked around the Internet last night and saw lots of higher prices.

Well, the weekend is coming up! Will you be doing something for Valentine's day? My hubby and I are actually taking Monday off and spending the day together. Shall be delightful! This weekend, however, I'm going on a girl's getaway trip to Wilmington, NC. And guess what we're doing? Antiquing, what else?!?! ;) Oh and lots of eating! I'll bring the camera! Hopefully, I'll remember to take pictures! I often forget!

Hope your weekend is the best! I'm going to try and post tomorrow and perhaps have a post set up for the weekend. We'll see how it goes. :) Kathy


LeAnne said...

I love all your finds, but that little papier mache chick.....what a treasure!

Audrey Pettit said...

Love, love all your new treasures, my friend. We have such good luck, don't we? Can't wait to hit the road this morning. Think of all the adventures we will have! :)

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