Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weird Weather

Just a few days ago we were snowed-in and I created this scrapbook page. Then yesterday it reached 70 degrees and I saw a young lady walking down our street with shorts on, a sleeveless shirt, sunglasses and sandals! It's hard to wrap your mind around that sort of thing...just days ago seeing the kids playing in the snow! 

Christopher thoroughly enjoyed the snow! He threw snowballs, went sledding, made a snow plow with his dump truck and helped his dad clear the driveway and build a snowman. The next day it rained and the weather started to warm...not so good for the snowmen!

Here's how we found Christopher's snow-guy...doing a face plant with a cracked open head! Ouch! Our neighbors' snow people were not fairing well either! It was funny to see them all on our way to breakfast Saturday morning! Some of them were standing but missing their heads!

I created this Snow Adventures page with Bella Blvd's new Max collection for tween boys. Just a few snowflakes turned this line into the perfect snow themed collection. :)

1 comment:

Sandy Ross said...

Wonderful Winter Themed Boy Page. I love how you added the snowflakes and it made it wintery!

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