Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bella Blvd. Cards on Thursday


Wow, we've had some amazing weather this week! The past couple days were warm and summer-like with temperatures close to 80 degrees and today is the opposite, cold and rainy. A mix of everything!

Today I have a couple of fun card shares for you and the Bella Blvd. Cards on Thursday post.

I got to choose the Bella Blvd. collections that I want to use! I love free-for-all days because there are so many cool lines to choose from! For my ‘Family’ card I thought I’d take a break from holiday crafting, and use the Sunny Happy Skies collection.

 These houses caught my eye … they’re so detailed, colorful and fun! Makes me want to move into that little neighborhood! I’d move into the red house with roof-top patio and shades lined with hearts!

After Halloween, I thought it was time to stash away the Too Cute to Spook line, but I didn’t want to! I’ve been having a good time playing with this line and decided to challenge myself to use it in a different way. So, I came up with this thank you card.

Usually when I sit down to make a thank you card, I start by choosing colors and accents like bright colors, butterflies and flowers. This time, going at it from a challenge to use a particular product, I ended up with a look I would have never thought of. I don’t think I would have used black for a thank you card, but I love the results!

Well, I have a special share tomorrow so I hope you can come back! I created my first scrapbook page using a picture of one of my new sugar gliders! I haven't even had the babies for two weeks yet, but one of them is a little friendlier and outgoing than the other so bonding is moving right along and I was able to get a few photos! The other is still to scared for a photo op so we'll just wait patiently, right? :)

Thanks for dropping in today! I hope you enjoyed the cards and you have a lovely day!

Kathy :)


Laurel said...

Such fun cards! I love Bella Blvd!

BabyBokChoy said...

The colors of the first card is just so vibrant and design so amazing! WTG with a Halloween collection and make a non-Halloween card, looks so good!

cnelson said...

These are BOTH so FAB! LOVE them!

krys kirkpatrick said... much detail and vivid color...very nice to hear from you, are you busy too?

Paige Taylor Evans said...

I love how you used Halloween papers for a non-Halloween themed card!

Sheri Gilson said...

Fun crads Kathy!! Love the colors and layers!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Adorable cards! LOVE that sweet row of houses and love the cloud. Such a fun placement for the sentiment, too. And how awesome is that thank you card using the Halloween line?! You would never know that was a themed line. Awesome job!

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