Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pinteresting Things


It's been a little while since I mentioned how much I adore Pinterest so I thought I'd do that today.

I've been keeping a Crochet and Knitting pin board for some time because I wanted to learn one day and because there's just so many adorable things you can make along with free patterns.

Well, I recently picked up a crochet hook in August and looked up some of my pins and links to tutorials and learned how to crochet. :)

The photo on this page is the beginning of my first project, a washcloth. Since then I've made a scarf and I'm almost finished with a throw blanket.

When I heard that write. click. scrapbook's October gallery theme was 'Pinterest made me do it,' I thought my new-found crochet hobby was perfect for it.

If you have a little time, head over to write. click. scrapbook. to see all the fabulous Pinterest pages.

Last week I also started learning to knit. I'm all thumbs at it so far. The needles are so much more bulky and awkward than a small crochet hook. I hope some practice will help.

Today on Love My Tapes I have another Pinterest inspired project I hope you can go see. I'll give you a little hint... it's a way to incorporate Love My Tapes into a quick and easy home decor project.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Thanks for your visit!


Gregsgirl's crafty corner said...

your crochet looks amazing Kathy! I am a pinterest addict too,so many wonderful ideas!

Diana Waite said...

yay for crochet--haven't done that in a while myself, but I love it! FUN layout to document your creation!

Mendi said...

Love this! I also love your post at Love My Tapes. In fact, I checked out your pinterest board with your link there and ended up pinning about 50 of your favorite layouts from your layout inspiration board. Hopefully you don't have your account to send you too many emails about this--If so I apologize in advance. When I have more time I'd like to do the same with your cards board. ;)

Donna said...

Oh my! Those stitches look perfect!

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