Monday, July 27, 2015

Doughnut Cards

I love the Fun Stamper's Journey Yummy & Delicious line! All those ice creams, cupcakes and candies drive my sweet tooth wild! Would you like to add a few delicious doughnuts to the mix? 

Think of all the flavors you can make! And you can top them with sprinkles, coat them with sugar or smear them with chocolate! 

To make doughnut shaped cards you'll need the Journey Circles die set and some Oatmeal Cookie card stock.

Cut your card stock to 8" by 4" and fold in half. Then with some re-positional tape, arrange the largest and smallest Journey Circles dies to your card stock with the largest die overlapping the top in order to keep it from cutting the entire circumference .

Now cut a 4" by 4" square with the card stock you plan to use as your frosting and cut the same way you did with your doughnut base. With a pair of scissors cut a wavy outline along the outer edge. 

Inside the my doughnut cards I stamped a sentiment using the Hello Scoop stamp set. 

Yum! Doughnuts! Calorie free too!

I just had an could use Journey Glaze to add a realistic sheen to your chocolate frosting. Oh just image the many kinds of doughnuts you can make and all you can do with them! How about a doughnut garland!

Have fun! 

Fun Stampers Journey Supplies: SS-0154 Hello Scoop; JG-0001 Journey Grand Die Cut Machine; DI-0039 Journey Circles Die Set; AD-0085 Medium Journey Foam Squares; AD-0111 Journey Craft Glue; TO-0063 Details Pro Shears; CS-0099 Bubble Gum Cardstock; CS-0006 Oatmeal Cookie Cardstock; CS-0013 Hazelnut Blend Cardstock; IP-0012 Hazelnut Ink Pad; AC-0112 Journey Sequins Pink World; AC-0013 Journey Sparkle Dust


StampingbugKerry said...

So yummy! Love the idea so much!

Liz said...

Wow what an awesome idea! So much fun! Thanks!

Angi Barrs said...

Super fun idea!

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