Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The First Day of December

It's here, the first day of December! What a whirlwind of a day too! Dan-O took the day off so we could take care of a little business this morning and then play Santa and shop for Christopher. The Lego store got the bucks this year! After a couple hours of shopping we were quite hungry and headed over to P.F. Chang's for a bite. Then it was time for me to get a little eyebrow treatment, make a hair appointment and head over to Archiver's for a few scrapbooking supplies. Whew! By this time is was about 4:00 p.m. so we headed back home to meet Christopher as he got off the school bus.

December first in the Martin household is an important day for Christopher since he gets to open the first drawer of our Advent calendar. Ever since his first Christmas, at six months of age, we've loaded this little wooden chest of drawers with goodies. It's the only month of the year that Christopher bounds out of bed and down the stairs to see what's in the drawer! We used to tuck little ornaments and money in addition to candy in the drawers, but discovered early on that chocolate was the prefered find! Here's a picture of the candy wrappers shortly after Christopher checked the drawer!

Today I also got a Christmas present, quite by accident! When Dan and I returned from our shopping excursion we found a rather large box at the front door. Dan and I both looked at each other and said, "I didn't order anything, did you?" The box was addressed to me so I assumed that I either ordered something and forgot about it or perhaps a family member sent us a gift. So I opened the box to find that it was a gift for me from Dan-O himself! It's my first piece from the Department 56 Christmas Village I wished to start collecting this year! Surprise! So we set it up and it's so very pretty! Thanks Dan!

Well, that's our first day of December. I hope you will join me each day for a look into the events leading up to Christmas. I'd like to share some crafts, recipes, our decorated home, family traditions and events we participate in during the holidays. :)


Daniela Dobson said...

Oh how fun and what a great surprise!!! I am coming back to see what you have for us this month! Have a great night.

Audrey Pettit said...

Sounds like a very busy and fun day, my friend! How exciting to get your first piece of your Christmas village. Looks like Dan went all out and got you a real beauty. Can't wait to see it in the real.

cnelson said...

What a fun and productive day!! Love the little advent drawers and how fun to come back to that fabulous surprise!!

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