Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dads Rock!

This weekend we'll celebrate the dads we love! Christopher has one of the best there are and it'll be fun spoiling him with dinner out Saturday night and a homemade French toast breakfast on Sunday morning! What are your plans for pop's day?

I created this Father's Day card with Doodlebug Design's Boys Only collection, perfect for Dan since he loves to rock and roll and plays the guitar. Happy Father's day to all the dads out there! 

Last night's dinner was a bit of a comedy of errors and circumstances. On the menu was Sweetish Meatballs, but we had to go to Plan B since I forgot to take the ground turkey meat out of the freezer. Plan B was a frozen pizza we keep in case of such emergencies. About five minutes into baking said pizza the power went out! :) So...we waited for about a half hour before moving onto Plan C, ordering Chinese takeout. We didn't have much faith in Plan C working either since they told us our order would take a little longer than usual because their power was off too! Fortunately about five minutes after placing our order the power was restored and we enjoyed fried dumplings, won ton soup and chicken with mixed veggies! Kind of makes a routine dinner an adventure. :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Mendi Yoshikawa said...

This turned out super fun! I have a friend who's husband (a wannabe rock star) would love this. Love the bright color palette! :)

Diana Waite said...

this turned out SO FUN!!!

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