Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Valentine Beverages

My craft-affair with paper hearts continues today with a fun way to serve beverages on Valentine's Day. I love this kind of party decorating because I'm always trying to minimize the amount of waste I produce and by using Ball jars I already have in my kitchen, I can achieve that goal. 

When the party is over, and if the paper doilies and hearts aren't soiled, I can reuse them for another crafty project. 

Imagine all the different holidays and occasions you make similar jars for! 

To reduce my waste even further I could use the stainless steel re-usable straws we have! They would match too! Score! 

Happy Valentine crafting! 

Fun Stampers Journey Supplies:
Black Licorice IP-0040
Natural Journey Twine AC-0005
Candy Apple CS-0007
Whip Cream CS-0040

1 comment:

Lisaerica said...

Kathy, I love these. Really cute and reusable, right up my alley, lol. Can I ask where you got the straws? Thanks for sharing.

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