Friday, January 29, 2016

DIY Paper Tassels

I love tassels, you love tassels, we all love tassels!!! Well, a lot of us love tassels so I'd like to show you how to make them with paper. 

First pick out a few Fun Stampers Journey card stock colors you like. I picked Cool Pool, Buttercream and Oatmeal Cookie and cut six 8 1/2" x 1/4" strips of each color. 

Once you have your strips cut, wrinkle them up into a ball. 

Now straighten each strip of paper and line them up the best you can. 

Once you have your strips lined up, wrap the center around a pencil. 

While your paper is still wrapped around your pencil, wind some Natural Journey Twine around it as shown in the next photo. 

There you have it. Now decorate a present or make several for a garland. 

I attached mine to a Treat Box and included an embossed gift tag. 

I love these colors...they make me want to tie a star fish to the package too! 

Fun Stampers Journey Supplies:
Whip Cream IP-
Clear Pigment Ink IP-0102
Journey White Embossing Powder IP-0098
Natural Journey Twine AC-0005
Cool Pool CS-0118
Buttercream CS-0006
Oatmeal Cookie CS-0023

1 comment:

Lisaerica said...

Super neat idea Kathy. I love that color combo, it does have a beachy feel. Thanks for sharing.

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