Wednesday, October 26, 2011



How goes it for you this morning? I received a bit of bad news. Not too bad, just a bit of a bummer. I was supposed to have the following page published in a book, but the project got postponed, indefinately. Oh well. I believe things are either meant to be or not. And now I get to share my page with you!

This page is was created to be similar to a December daily, focusing on some of the events of the month.

The calendar grid, the title and the white snowflakes are Silhouette shapes. The red snowflakes are from a My Favorite Things thin metal die. And those aqua blue felt snowflakes...old Fancy Pants.

Lots of oldies but goodies went into this page like the Prancer American Crafts Thickers, old Basic Grey brads and ancient Making Memories chip board accents.  Isn't it cool that old product can look just as awesome today?

There's our lovely tree! It will not be long before we get out our holiday decor and ornaments to deck our halls! I'm looking forward to it!

So, if you stopped by yesterday I mentioned that I was making a recipe I found on Pinterest for pulled pork sandwiches made in the slow cooker? Oh my word! They were heavenly!

Officially, the recipe is called Slow Cooker Balsamic Honey Pulled Pork Sliders from Six Sister's, but we always shorten recipe names in our house 'cause they're too darn long to remember!!! And I didn't make sliders either, I made a regular size sandwiches because we had buns for that! Anyway, the boys LOVED it and are thrilled there's enough for dinner tonight! I wouldn't doubt if one of them asks for these for their birthday! Enough said? Oh, the house smelled so so so good I almost couldn't stand it!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Kathy :)


Audrey Pettit said...

Well, phooey, so sorry to hear about the book project, Kathy. :( Your page is just beautiful. Such a gorgeous color combo. Love, love the blue and red. And beautiful detailing everywhere. Love the calendar and all the stitching. Fabulous snowflakes. Love it all.
So glad your pork was a success. I tried the pumpkin cookies you linked to from your fall Pinterest post, and they are amazing. :)

Amy said...

So bummed to hear about your publishing date getting moved. It seems to be a day of not-so-great news. Love your page though & thanks for sharing!

cnelson said...

So sorry about the pub problems...that is too bad...this layout is PHENOMENAL!! LOVE the design...calendar...EVERYTHING! YUM on the pulled pork sammies!

Nathalie said...

Great page Kathy!!! I love the bright color combination and the idea of the "condensed December Daily"! I could see myself do that (as opposed to the whole album thing)

Anonymous said...

It's such a GREAT page Kathy and I love all the's clean but at ther same time there's alot to see...Sorry to hear the project isn't a go....:-(

Laurel said...

Such a great page! Too bad about the book project.

Carly said...

Love your page and can totally see why they'd want to publish it. Sorry it didn't happen but it's gorgeous none the less my friend! Oh and that pork sandwich looks amazing! If only I ate meat. LOL! Hugs!

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