Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello Friend & Free Download


It's been a busy morning at our house all ready. I drove Christopher to camp this morning. He's so excited about making tie-dyed T-shirts today! Then I came home and made some butter, cleaned the turtle tank and now I'm leaving a crafty share for you! ;)

Did I tell you we have a couple baby turtles? Yep! One found at the strawberry patch...a baby aquatic turtle that seemed to be quite far from any water source. So we thought we would enjoy watching him for a few weeks and let him grow a little before we brought him to a nearby lake. Then about a week later, we found another aquatic turtle marching across our driveway!?!?! Go figure! They've been a lot of fun to watch, but you have to be very careful to wash your hands well after touching them as they have salmonella! Something that's natural in turtles.

Okay, enough about turtles...I have a card share and a free download for you!

I made this fun feline card yesterday using scraps from my stash and a darling vintage image.

The envelope and tiny tags die cuts are from Papertrey Ink. Love their products!

I had a lot of fun giving this card some shabby goodness...inked paper edges, vintage mother of pearl buttons, hand stitching and millinery flowers.

Here's the image I used for my card. Click on it to enlarge and download. If you would like to share what you make with it, I would really enjoy seeing it! :)

Have a super Thursday!

Kathy :)


Virginia L. said...

Love your sharing, Kathy! Having turtles sound like fun! I'm excited for Christopher, too! This card is packed with amazing "Kathy details" (stitching, lace, button, twine..). Utterly lovely in every way!

Alice said...

so very sweet, Kahty! love that vintage kitty image. thanks for sharing! =)

Pamela said...

Love your card! And those kitten's are SO cute! Makes me want to go get a new kitten. :)

cnelson said...

Such a darling card!! Thanks for the cute image!!!

Tara Bilbao said...

Your card is so beautiful and so "soft". I am definitely going to use this image. I need to make a card for my sister. When we visited her last week her barn cat had little kittens that we played with each day. Puurrrfect image for the card. I'll post it when I get it done.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card! And I love turtles! Maybe you can post a picture? When I was little we had a turtle that we found under the garage. We don't know where he came from but we kept him :-)

Audrey Pettit said...

OMGosh, what a fabulous card and what a sweet little vintage image. Love the envelope and little heart tag you used. Totally makes me happy. :)

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