Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Make Butter


How are you today? It's a lovely day in my neck of the woods since the heat took a leave of absence for a few days! I spent some time in the yard yesterday and today I plan on making some banana bread with a couple of very ripe bananas. First I'll need some butter for my recipe.

Have you ever made butter?  I hadn't until recently and since I can't recall my mother or grandmother ever making butter, I assumed it must be a real time consuming and or messy proposition. But it's not, it's actually easy and delicious !

To make butter you simply need a food processor, blender, or Kitchen Aid mixer. A pint of heavy whipping cream, a little salt and some cheese cloth. That's it!

In a blender whip your cream and a 1/2 teaspoon of salt approximately 10 minutes. It's important to buy heavy whipping cream. At first your cream will become a whipped cream consistency.

Later, lumps of butter will appear along with a bit of liquid...this is buttermilk that can be used for pancakes or making bread.

Scoop the lumps of butter out onto a piece of cheese cloth. Make sure your butter is completely wrapped and then squeeze out any excess buttermilk. This part is a little messy, but as I've made more batches, I've learned how to keep the mess at a minimum.

Store your butter in a container. Or make fun shapes using chocolate molds. I use vintage glass refrigerator containers because our family is trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use.

Here I have some homemade wheat bread that I toasted, the perfect way to enjoy butter! Hope you give butter making a try. I bet the kids would enjoy participating too! You can make sweet butter by adding honey instead of salt. You can make unsalted butter or experiment with garlic and herbs. Enjoy!

Kathy :)


LeAnne said...

This looks YUMMY! If I were marooned on a desert island and had one thing to take with me, it would be BUTTER! My DS and I helped my DD's 4th grade class make butter by putting a little bit of cream into a baby food jar and shaking it. I don't know who was more surprised--them or me---when it actually worked!!! It was for Pioneer Days, so we then ate it on homemade corn bread. Great memory! But I don't remember any of my relatives (we lived on a farm, too) making their own butter.

cnelson said...

YUM!!!! I also made butter when learning about is pretty cool.

Ryann said...

I've never even thought to make my own butter, but I'm completely intrigued now! Do you know how long freshly made butter stays good for?

Thank you :)

Audrey Pettit said...

So, so cool, Kathy!

Arielle H Gordon said...

I want to try this! Looks awesome!

ineke said...

haha ..i made butter all my life.. and quark and yoghurt and fresh cheese and buttermilk..
i was raisen at a farm.. that is why
you have to have a jerrycvan with fresh milk.. and than you make a lot of stuff.. you loil some litre to use as ordenairy milk..
than store the rest in an bowl and let the greaser come up for some hours.... take it out with a spoon.. and here you amke your butter of if added sugar and not whipped that long.. you have whipped cream..
the rest stay in the bowl over night..(not in the fridge..)
than you take some of it.. heat it till 50 degrees..and put a spoon of yoghurt in it.. let it stay over night once again.. and than you have your own yoghurt..
back to the bowl again.. you put some into a jerrycan again.. and start shaking..
than it will be buttermilk after a while..
back to the bowl again.. it has become quark now.. and there is all watery liquid with it.. i dont know the english word for it.. but we dutch call it wei..
it is very use as a drink.. with some sirop.. or to use as liquid for baking bread..
or even to wash your skin.. it helps with rashes..
the quark you can eat like this..when you took away the liquid..
but you also can put it in a very fine woven cloth of cotton..and put salt and or herbs in it..and let it leak for 2 or 3 days.. than you have fresh cheese.. you can add garlic or pepper.. or parsely.. or what ever you like..
sliced dried tomatoes are nice too

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