Thursday, February 16, 2012

You're Invited!


I'm popping in today to invite you to have a little fun with me tomorrow when I take over the blog at Doodlebug Design! It'll be a fun way to spend some of your Friday! You just might win a prize while you're at it! I'm not promising anything....just sayin'! ;)

And since I'm a paper crafty kind of gal and Doodlebug is a paper crafty kind of company, there's probably going to be a paper crafty share going on. And since a post is ultra boarding without some eye candy, I'll leave you all with a little paper crafty sneak peek!

Ooh la la! Look at all these bright and happy colors!

So...stop by the old blog here tomorrow or go straight to Doodlebug Design! Okay? Alright! See ya then!

Kathy :)
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