Friday, February 6, 2009

So Simple!

I love flipping through magazines like Better Homes & Gardens and I drool over the beautiful wares you can buy at stores like Pottery Barn, but in these economic times, I don't want to spend money on things our family doesn't need. And because I'm a crafty sort, I often wonder if I can make similar accents for less?

Absolutely! These butterfly shadowboxes were so simple to make, my husband could have done them! Well, maybe not. :) But you could! All you need is a couple shadowboxes from Target or your local craft store. Anything you want at Target will go on sale if you wait a couple weeks or craft stores like Michael's and A.C. Moore always have those weekly 40% off coupons. Anyway, once you get your shadowboxes head over to your local scrapbook store and buy a sheet of die cut butterfly card stock from K & Company. I think it cost $1.50 a sheet for 25 butterflies. Then pick out the butterflies you like the best, punch them out, fold the wings up a little, place a small pop dot in the center and stick it to the inside of your shadowbox! That's it! Yep, it's that easy! And look at the results!


Audrey Pettit said...

I love these, Kathy! They are so simple,but so elegant.
Where are you going to hang them??
Thanks for your offer on my 365 project. I think Beth is coming over next weekend and is going to show me how to do it here, so that I know for every month what to do. I figure it would be better for me to learn than to keep sending you 31 photos every month to have you do.....that just sounds like an enormous task to me!
Do you think you could get away and come play, too?
I know I keep asking you to come here, which is not very nice of me. Having Nik tracked out right now is making it hard for me to slip away.

denine zielinski said...

These frames are simply gorgeous! What a great idea that seems so easy, yet so beautiful!

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