Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trying New Things

Since I'm an avid scrapbooker and paper crafter it will probably come as a surprise that I've never attended a crop or class before nor have I ever purchased one of those ever popular monthly scrapbook kits!

My excuse? I've always thought that if I attended a crop I wouldn't accomplish anything besides talking all day and buying more scrapbook supplies. Nothing wrong with visiting, but do I need to attend a crop to do that? And if you've seen my scrap room, there's no doubt that I need more scrapbook supplies like I need another hole in my head! But my biggest reason for not attending crops is that I wouldn't know where to start in deciding what to bring! I have a difficult enough time packing for a weekend getaway! I always forget something! I'm the kind of scrapbooker that changes her mind 15 times when deciding on the title of my page alone! Do I use chipboard letters, die cut letters, rub-ons, computer printed or a combo of the above?

And about those scrapbook! There are some awesome kits out there full of yummy papers and goodies, who could choose just one! I suppose instead of having to make that difficult choice, I thought I'd just go to my local Archivers and pick up all the doo-dads I want. Maybe this is the reason for the overabundance in my scrap room? You think! I'm happy to say this obsession of mine doesn't branch out to other areas of my life. When it comes to things like clothes and home decor, I'm far more sensible.

Well, it's a new year and perhaps it's time to try new things. Yesterday was the first time I scrapbooked anywhere besides my home. I didn't attend an actual crop, but I was required to pack up enough supplies to complete a project and I did pretty good! Even though I don't have one of those fancy Cropper Hopper rolling totes with loads of compartments for all my gear, I managed to bring all the necessary supplies to make this little picture frame. And it all fit in a plastic Michael's shopping bag! I scraped with a new friend I met from the online site Two Peas in a Bucket and she sweet enough to lend me the chipboard tag and the little pink button I needed to complete my frame. I just may be able to do this crop thing yet!

I also had the opportunity to purchase my first scrapbook kit from Paper Playground since my new friend just so happens to be the co-owner. I think I'm really going to like scrapbook kits since there is always something in each kit that I may not have purchased otherwise which will help me branch out into new techniques. As far as adding new tools or supplies to my ever growing stash, not so much! But hey, nothings perfect, right?


Alycia said...

i dont think there can be such thing as too many scrapbook supplies! :)

Audrey Pettit said...

Good for you for branching out, Kathy. We'll make a cropper out of you yet!

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