Wednesday, December 16, 2015

7 Days of Sparkle - Fun Stampers Journey Style

'Tis the season for adding sparkle to your projects so Richard Garay created the Seven Days of Sparkle video series (links below) to give you ideas for adding more shimmer and magic to your holiday crafts. 

I had the honor of contributing a few projects for Richard's series such as the above tags that show one of the many ways you can use the new Tinsel Trim.  And the Santa's Message in a Bottle ornament below is a project idea for re-using your Glass Glitter jar when it's empty. 

In one of the videos, Richard suggests we add lovely shimmer to a project with Pearled Paper as shown in this Merry Christmas Card. 

And how about all the gorgeous Journey Sequins? Use just a few for a touch of sparkle or a whole bunch together to fill in a shape as was done for the ornament card below. 

For more ideas and more Fun Stampers Journey supplies to add sparkle to your holiday click on the links below.

Hope your holiday shines!

First Day of Sparkle: Sparkle Cuts
Second Day of Sparkle: Tinsel Trim
Third Day of Sparkle: Glass Glitter
Fourth Day of Sparkle: Pearled Paper
Firth Day of Sparkle: Silver & Gold Splashes
Sixth Day of Sparkle: Embossing Powder
Seventh Day of Sparkle: Sequins

1 comment:

StampingbugKerry said...

Such fabulous creations as always! I sooo love the tinsel trim and your gorgeous sequin ornament card. SOOO yummy!
Kerry Urbatch, FSJ Coach #401.

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