Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Do You Cross Stitch?

Crafty folks typically enjoy more than one kind of craft and if there were enough hours in the day I would dabble in a little bit of everything. I would make quilts, paint and play with clay. Earlier this year I mentioned that I used to cross stitch and during the last Christmas break I decided to start a new project. It's been years since I picked up a needle, Adia fabric and some DMC floss!

I chose this silhouette pattern from Etsy. It was the perfect project to get me back into stitching...not too difficult.

I created a frayed edging and hung it up in the family room. 

Here's another look at those shelves before hanging the cross stitch. And there's my big boy Latte sitting in the chair! He's such a fluff ball!

So, what crafts do you enjoy?


Michelle said...

I used to do a TON of stithery. I have many finished (and unfinished ;o ) x-stitch projects. It has taken a back seat to my scrapbooking these last 7 yrs.

I love your finished piece!!

LeAnne said...
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LeAnne said...

I am a cross-stitcher too! I am working on a very complex Christmas stocking for my DGD....and I hope I have it done in time for this Christmas! Your little kitty is so sweet and has give me an idea for my "wall of silhouettes" I want to do in my own LR!

Mendi Yoshikawa said...

Gorgeous! Love your modern spin on cross-stitching--Looks so great in your home! I used to do tons of cross-stitching about 15 years ago and even have a pretty big project that is sitting half finished which I dropped for scrapbooking. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I love the project any more. :(

Jeanne said...

I used to do counted cross stitch a lot, but I stopped when my girls were small. I came across a pattern in a magazine around Christmas time and was inspired to pick up the needle and thread again. I finished that project and immediately started another. I'm happy to stitch once again. Your project is beautiful, your home looks warm and cozy and your kitty is gorgeous!

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