Monday, May 20, 2013



I've got a special post for you today...a project using a brand new and very cool line from Pebbles called Lakeside

If you enjoy the great outdoors as I do, this collection is for you! I went through all the pretty papers and accents and put together these postcards using my favorite pieces in the line. 

Did you get to spend a little time with mother nature over the weekend? The weather for our garage sale on Saturday was perfect, then it rained the rest of the weekend so we didn't spend very much time outside. We went to the California Pizza Kitchen for dinner Saturday night. It was a whirlwind weekend...went by so fast! 

Hope you have a great start to your week! Thanks for stopping in. :) 

1 comment:

Ruth G said...

Sweet postcards! This collection looks wonderful! I love the theme!

Glad to hear your garage sale went well! It's great when the weather cooperates with our need to clear out some stuff that someone else might want to buy! I didn't do much outdoors this weekend, but had a fabulous time socializing with my friends and staying bug-bite free!

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