Saturday, September 22, 2012

Feline Better

Happy fall ya'll!

Today marks the first day of autumn! When I was at Whole Foods yesterday there were beautiful pumpkins and mums at the entrance and I left with some pumpkin cream cheese cupcakes. One didn't make it home! Yuuummmm! :)

Today I have a get well card share for you.

The cats are Silhouette cuts. I used card stock from my scraps bin. There's a piece of washi and a vintage button tossed in as well. Pretty simple card. It should make some cat lover with a cold feel much better, don't you think?

Enjoy your first day of fall!


Diana Waite said...

what a sweet card!

Gregsgirl's crafty corner said...

beautiful! Mmmmm cupcakes yes we indulged yesterday I took the bus to Crumbs,I had a caramel apple one and my hubby had a choc one, we don't do it often so it was a yummy treat!

Alice Carman said...

What a sweet card Kathy! I love the sentiment.

Ruth G said...


(you'll have to spill about whose craft cardstock you were using!)


Donna said...


alexandra s.m. said...

It's official Kathy, you are THE Master of negative space ;-)

Love your card!

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