Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project 365

Hello!  Good Sunday to you!

Here at the Martin house we lead a rather simple life, one that we strive to keep that way in a world that gets a little more complicated by the day. We like to keep the calendar light and spend lots of time at home together reading, crafting, cooking, playing guitar, and taking care of our home. That's the way it was not too many decades ago. My husband's grandmother said they didn't have restaurants to go to or a mall to walk around, nor did they have the money for extras. If they needed to get out of the house for a while it was to go for a country drive or a long walk.

Our Project 365 photos reflect our simplified lives. There aren't a lot of travel photos or shots from numerous outings. Hopefully you will enjoy them...they're a little glimpse into our everyday.

Last Sunday while the sheets were being washed so the coverlet was hanging off the foot of the bed. Java thought this was a perfect little spot for relaxing.

If you've followed my blog for a length of time, you might have noticed that I love Pinterest? I find lots of great ideas, recipes and inspiration on that site. Here I have my hair in a sock bun, an overnight, no heat, no product bun that leaves your hair curly when you take it out in the morning.

I love to decorate our home with vintage goodies and items from nature like this bird nest found in our yard. This one I believe is a robin's nest which is a bit on the muddy/dirty side so I think we'll leave this one on the front porch.

Most evenings I spend a little time packaging up orders from my Etsy Shops. Here's the lot for the day.

Last Thursday was a gorgeous sunny day of about 60 degrees. It was so pretty outside that I decided the photo of the day should be looking out over our sunny front yard.

We do a lot of reading in our house! Now we read newspapers, magazines and books on our iPads. Yes, I miss holding a book and I love the way they smell, but we've decided to make the switch since it's important for the environment. I'm currently reading Baby Proof by Emily Giffin.

I started with a cat photo and now I'm ending with one. This is our other cat, Latte. He's quite the laid back guy...a great mascot for our home!

I hope you enjoyed my photos. And I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Kathy :)


Audrey Pettit said...

Your photos are just beautiful, Kathy! They make me smile as I can picture each spot so perfectly. :)

itsallrosi said...

these came out great, Kathy!

Unknown said...

SUCH PRETTY CATS ;) and I dig the bun. lol.

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