Friday, May 4, 2012

Liberty Antiques Festival

In yesterday's post, I mentioned the semi-annual Liberty Antiques Festival that I attended last weekend where approximately 375 vendors from over 20 states set up tents in a large open field and sell their vintage goods. It's a lot of fun and takes the entire day to take it all in. It's junk hunting at it's best!

Would you enjoy an outing like this? Would you like to take a virtual tour? Grab a cup of coffee and let's go!

And here we are! Our dogs were barking at the end of this day! Wasn't the festival amazing? I would have brought a U-Haul if I could have afforded more of the goods we saw!

Hope you enjoyed the festival! Thanks for popping in!

Kathy :)


Audrey Pettit said...

So fun to see it all again, isn't it? In the photos, I always see so much more detail than I sometimes absorb in the real. Makes me see more stuff I wish I could have bought. :)

Ashley Rock said...

wow-- what a fun festival! Looks like a lot of great stuff there

Niki Estes said...

Oh, wow, that looks like so much fun, Kathy! I would love to go to something like that around here, but we don't seem to have them. I love those old fashioned writing desks.

Holly saveur said...

SUPER..wished I could have been there many gorgeous and great things!

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