Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More to Crochet About

Hello! It's been a little while since I've shared my most recent crochet projects so I thought I do that today. I've been making a few smaller pieces and love that most of them can be made in an evening...instant gratification! 

Since it's too hot to wear warm chunky scarves right now I decided to make this summery decorative one. I love this shade of green and the twisty curly design. I'm thinking of making another to wear together. Three would probably make it warm enough for winter...and imagine the color combinations! 

I whipped up this little friendship bracelet for our niece who was here visiting last week. Wouldn't a few of these in different color combinations be fun too? The pattern is not in English but can be translated or you can just follow the pictures. 

Before we know it autumn will be here and as soon as I saw this adorable little crocheted pumpkin, I wanted to hook it! It's cuter than cute and I think a little trio of them would be perfect for displaying through the fall! 

Oreo claimed this one for his own! I suppose every black cat needs a pumpkin? ;) 

For my last project share...this frilly little Ball jar topper. Isn't it darling? And guess what? I'm getting to the point with my crocheting that I was able to create this on my own without a pattern. Pretty cool! I'm wondering if I should make a pattern/tutorial? Would you be interested? Leave me a comment....maybe if there's enough demand, I might. :)

I hope you enjoyed my projects and that you feel inspired to pick up a hook! Thanks to all you creative crocheters out there who so generously share these great patterns! The yarn for all these creations is Cascade's 100% Ultra Pima Cotton Yarn. I love that it's all natural and super soft. All these projects were also created with a Clover 3.75 mm F Hook.

Are there any knitters in the house? I've been trying to learn to knit these past few days and oh boy is it challenging! It's like learning to play a guitar or piano where all your fingers have to work together..... Tell me it gets easier? I really felt last night that my hands couldn't move the way they needed to for knitting or that my index finger wasn't long enough! Crochet seemed to be so much easier to learn. Do any of you do both crochet and knit? Any suggestions for me? 

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Gregsgirl's crafty corner said...

Hi Cathy, I've been impressed by your crocheting, I am struggling with it and can't get my hands to go right haha. I am a knitter, my Gran taught me when I was young I love it. There are two ways to knit the continental (European) or English, I like the English way but as you crochet maybe the Continental would work better? YouTube has lots of videos, good luck and your crochet projects are lovely.

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