Thursday, January 17, 2013

Because Chocolate Makes Me Happy


I'm thrilled to hear that my sunny summertime post from yesterday lifted many spirits! Today we're having yet another gray day with a snowstorm on the way, so how about an uplifting crafty idea that includes chocolate?

Recently I made these Doodlebug wrapped Hershey bars for a Christmas project and thought I'd make some 'just because' bars. Imagine someone handing you one of these right now. Wouldn't that make your day? Even if you're allergic to chocolate...they're pretty to look at, right?

I made this batch of chocolate bar wrappers with the Pebbles' Walnut Grove collection and some Thickers. You can easily slide the bars out of the wrapper to reuse it and pass it on. Perhaps there would be a little less road rage if we ate more chocolate? ;)

Well, I have to scoot to the store. I usually do my grocery shopping on Friday morning, but if we get snow tomorrow, as expected, I may not be able to get the car up the driveway.

Have a great day. Hopefully it includes a bit of chocolate! :)


Laurel said...

Great idea, I love them!

alexandra s.m. said...

oh Yeah!!
adorable Kathy!
Chocolate makes me very happy too ;-)

Alice Carman said...

This is great Kathy. I want chocolate now.

Ruth G said...

Well, chocolate and pretty stuff make me happy, so yes, I would feel much better if someone handed me a sweetly packaged chocolate bar!
Best of luck with the snow! I hope that Christopher will get a chance to enjoy it! We have had a very dry winter here with not even enough to need to shovel. Anytime there's a flurry we all cheer loudly! That doesn't seem like it's really doing anything, though;-)

Mendi Yoshikawa said...

Love both these sets of Chocolate bars! Somehow I missed your post at Christmas when you shared the others. What a great idea!

We have a crazy steep driveway too at our new house so I can totally associate with planning around that. It's sort of a pain after living on flat land for so long, but the trade off is awesome views so I can't complain too badly. ;)

Donna said...


Diana Waite said...

YUMMY!! these are TOTALLY cute!

~amy~ said...

Bingo...this is totally inspiring to me as I'm putting together gifties for my boss...she's a choco-holic! Love this idea...thanks for the inspiration!

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