Friday, December 2, 2011

December Daily


If you stopped by yesterday, you might have read the part of my post where I decided to create a December Daily this year. I haven't even finished last year's December Daily nor have I started one for this year, but I'm determined not to let these minor details trip me up! ;)

So after I signed off from my post yesterday I grabbed my incomplete 2010 December Daily, the papers and photos and got to work. I knew that if I spent too much time on any one page that I would never finish it so I went real bare bones and simply added the photo, some patterned paper and the date to each page.

It's funny how my memory told me I only had a few pages left to complete. NOT! Anyway, see how simple my pages are? Here are some pretty packages I wrapped for a friend of mine.

Baking day, acting goofy, holding up a rather large piece of peanut brittle. Simple page...just a strip of pretty paper, the photo and date circle. I used October Afternoon papers and made the date circles.

Here's a photo of our tree at night. So much prettier than the picture I posted a couple days ago!

Ah, Christmas eve! We spent the afternoon baking sugar cookies for Santa. Well, we made a few for us too! ;)

Now that the basics are done, I'll be able to make another pass with the title, journaling and a few accents. I've seen a lot of gorgeous December Daily albums out there with lots of fancy designs and accenting. Maybe this year, I'll keep up with it and be able to do something a bit more elaborate, but having done most of last year's album in a day, proves that it doesn't have to be a real time consuming project.

So, are you creating a December Daily? Did you buy a particular kit? The one I photographed here is a small binder style album created with a vintage book. I purchased it on Etsy. Then I picked a Christmas collection of patterned papers I liked and went from there. I'm planning on the same routine this year. I hope you enjoyed seeing my December Daily. :)

Kathy :)


Audrey Pettit said...

Good for you, Kathy! I wish I could get organized enough to do a December daily, but it just never happens. I know we're only 2 days in, but I didn't take any photo yesterday.........suppose I could fudge a little. ;)
Love seeing some of those happy photos from last year. Sweet memories. When are we going to do our baking this year??

Lynn said...

Way to get it done Kathy! I'd like to say I'm going to do it...but man...not seeing it happening for a while! Love all your can feel free to send me some sugar cookies :)! They are my favorite!

Unknown said...

im doing one again. Havent started but i will. lol.

Alice said...

it simple and beautiful! thanks for sharing, Kathy!

Christine said...

Makes me think that maybe I should get the one out that I started a couple of years and use it for this year. I would love to do one but I just find myself too busy. Good for you getting last years done. I probably wouldn't have been able to remember that far back! Ha!
Have a great weekend!
xoxo, Christine

Jenny said...

There is that beautiful jar again! It always makes me jealous that I did not take it home first!! LOL!

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