Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trying New Things

Hello! Did you hear that the new 2016-2017 Fun Stampers Journey catalog includes colored pencils, watercolor pencils and Panpastels? So exciting! I have very little experience with pencils and never even heard of Panpastels until recently!  And I can't wait until they arrive in my studio so I can play, learn and share my projects and experiences with you! 

This week I decided to sit down with an old set of colored pencils I have and practice a little before my FSJ sets arrive!

I'm always humbled when I work with new mediums! It's not easy to go from one that I've worked with a lot and have success with to learning all over again! I'm remember last year when the new Fusion Blender solution and re-inker system debuted and my first attempt to use them was so intimidating! I smeared things, colored outside the lines, etc. My work looked like a Kindergartner did it! lol 

Today's card turned out okay. I have so much to learn. For instance, I think my flower would have turned out prettier had I used a blending tool. And no matter what medium I'm working with I'm always learning about shading, etc! appropriate sentiment for this card is that "imperfection is beautiful!" It's what I tell my son when he tries things for the first time and wonders why his dad or I can do it better. I tell to practice, practice, practice. Everything that's done well takes lots of patience and practice.

For this card I embossed the image, colored it with pencils and sponged a little Whip Cream ink around the edges.

Fun Stampers Journey Supplies:
Black Licorice IP-0041
Whip Cream IP-0009
Clear Pigment Ink IP-0102
Journey White Embossing Powder IP-0098
Oatmeal Cookie CS-0023

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